Sweat Equity in the Palm of Your Hand

Organize Your...Everything

Create and organize projects using the customizable tag library. Add photos/documents: receipts, invoices, material specs, warranties, and photos.

Publish & Increase Value

Publish online or directly share your portfolio in email or PDF. When you’re ready to sell, add your Housetorian profile directly to your MLS Listing. 

No Freemium or Hidden Costs
Annoying Email pop-ups? Nope.
No Banner Ads.
No BS…You’re Welcome


  • 1. Create

    Create projects, upload photos and receipts or invoices. Add all your home improvements, maintenance and records.

  • Simplify

    Store everything for your home in one place.

  • Easy

    New projects are easy to build. Select start dates, add a description and upload your files and photos. Each task adds up to the total project cost.

  • 2. Update

    Home improvements are complicated, Housetorian helps. Edit your projects at any time, change costs and tasks as you go.

  • 3. Organize

    Tags add organization to your projects. Use our list or create your own. Add multiple tags to your projects to quickly recall your projects by type, room, activity, anything you want!

  • Intuitive

    An easy way to find projects, materials, paint colors, and everything inbetween.

  • Premium

    Share your projects with a custom website to attract confident buyers.

  • 4. Capitalize

    Leverage your investment for the best sale price.



Create projects, upload invoices, and track your project with photos.


Store your sweat equity by logging each project, task, photo and document.

Use our custom tag manager to categorize your projects by location, type and add your own labels.
You get a dedicated URL for your property. Ideal for adding to MLS, sharing projects and attracting higher offers.

Choose Your Plan

Stop email searching, drop box finding or digging through stacks of paper. Housetorian neatly organizes everything. When you’re ready to sell, publish your home history directly to the MLS listing.


$ 25
Per Year
  • Single Property
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Publish Home History


$ 125
Per Year
  • Multiple Properties
  • Share with Clients/Tenants
  • PDF Downloads

What Our Members Say

Our History

Our founder bought his first house in 2011 and invested over $40,000 in upgrades. With piles of paperwork, file folders, emails, cloud storage and Lowe’s Receipts stuffed in the glove box, he had enough. Over the last year, we spent hundreds of hours interviewing homeowners, realtors, buyers and sellers to understand exactly what they need. We started building custom websites for home sales and quickly understood the need for something much bigger. Homeowners need a way to capture and share everything they know about their property:  how do I match the paint, where to replace the cracked tile, how to winterize the sprinklers.  So we built a solution to easily store property knowledge and turn sweat equity into actual equity.

Backed by Nobel Prize winning economics; Read more about Akerlof’s Lemon Law  which highlights how information asymmetry creates below market value transactions. If you demand a vehicle report for a used car, why not require the same thing for the roof over your head? Housetorian closes the information gap, capturing additional value for both the buyer and the seller. Don’t trust us, read the article, it’s science. 

Our Promise

We’re over it. Fremium, pop-ups and more pop-ups, click bait, banner ads everywhere, privacy compromises, monthly charges, hidden fees, the list goes on. Not at Housetorian. We promise to keep things simple, straight forward and honest.
  • No fremium or hidden fees. Our platform is worth the price and we understand you might disagree.
  • No banner ads, annoying videos and pop-ups.  You’re paying for a great experience, so we will give you one.
  • No personal data sales.
  • No BS. A great product with great service, period.