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There’s always more to tell

An MLS listing doesn’t do justice to your house. Capitalize on your sweat equity and financial investment with a Housetorian Home Portfolio. Add integrity and transparency to your listing: 


How long does it take to sell your house? That depends, but one thing is clear, a Housetorian portfolio goes beyond the MLS. Our home history service is a critical step when getting your house ready to sell. 


-Save time by reducing Q&A and complications
-Differentiated service to attract new clients
- Find hassle free buyers
- Add more value to your listings


- Maximize your return
- Build buyer confidence
- Reduce negotiations


- Get the answers
- Save money with service records on needed inspections
- Give your insurance provider more information for the best premiums

We Make It Easy

1. Gather documents & photos

Collect invoices, receipts, photos, paint descriptions, information about leftover materials, permits, important dates (when was the roof installed) and any other information about your house.

2. Create a digital home history

Housetorian builds a custom home history website specifically for your house. We include timelines, before/after photos, project galleries. A complete home history report to elevate your sale.

3. Add transparency to drive higher offers.

Work with your realtor to increase the asking price. Have them add "Detailed home history available at youraddress.com" to the MLS listing. We mail you marketing materials to leave throughout your house during showings to show off your website directly to buyers.

Check Out Our Work

Meticulously renovated and maintained property with added EV charging, Solar, Spa, Annex Office, and so much more.

Complete home renovation in 5 months. Upgraded kitchen with new appliances, layout, and counter tops. Construction photos, the original blue prints, every purchase is documented.

Over 300K in renovations on a custom, architectural gem in S. Michigan. Complete remodels and so much more to highlight than the MLS

What Our Partners Say


Add transparency, integrity and value to your listing. It’s your home history and there’s always more to tell. 

Single Property

$ 450 per site
  • Fast turn around
  • Custom templates
  • Excellent service

Realtor Bundle

$ 750 per month
  • 2 sites per month
  • Fast turn around
  • Excellent service

Housetorian's History

An early stage start-up in Reno, NV that began in 2020. After our founder bought his first house over 10 years ago, the mission was clear. Build a solution to get new home buyers more information, build trust in the property and capture more value in the market. Buying a home is the most expensive and complicated purchase you’ll ever make and you never meet the seller. For the +$100K’s in debt, you really don’t know anything about your new home: how do I match the paint, where to replace the cracked tile, how to winterize the sprinklers. If you’re lucky there are some appliance manuals in the kitchen drawer. If you’re extremely lucky, there is a folder of paperwork to sift through on the kitchen counter. That’s a pretty low bar, we’re out to change that. 

Read more about Akerlof’s Nobel Prize in economics which highlights how information asymmetry creates below market value transactions. Housetorian closes the information gap, capturing additional value for both the buyer and the seller.


Paint Guide

We add paint swatches and manufacturer info to take the guess work out of paint matching.

Before & After Photos

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